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Arches and Door Trim in Archicad

What happens when you need a complicated arched opening or detailed trim around a door that isn’t available in the out of the box Archicad library? Well there are a lot of solutions (Morphs, Objects and/or GDL scripting, Shells…) but my favorite solution is using Beams and Columns. I know, surprising right? Well Beams and Columns are easy to use, easy to edit, and super versatile. The video below started out as a quick explanation to a question someone emailed me but grew into something a bit more complex.

This video was made using the Shoegnome Open Template v25.0 and the Shoegnome Work Environment for Archicad 25. Click here to download the template and go here to get the Work Environment.

As always the template and work environment are free; a good Archicad template (and work environment) is too important to horde. If you want to click the PayPal button on the template or work environment pages to support my endeavors and encourage future development, that’s wonderful. Whenever people do that, it makes my day.


  • September 23, 2021


    As always, fantastic video! I never knew how to do that kind of complex modeling. Thanks!

  • September 24, 2021


    Great video, thanks Jared!

  • September 28, 2021


    Fantastic video, as always – thanks. Follow-up question: in your model, the beam and column intersections clean up perfectly after the SEO operation. When I’ve tried to do the same operation in recent projects with door/window casings that have complex profiles, they almost never clean up this nicely. Portions of the casing are fine, but oftentimes the curved portions will still overlap or have strange artifacts. Any idea on what might cause this and how it could be fixed? I usually end up using extruded morphs which display nicely but are more time-consuming to create and manipulate.

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