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Exploring Schedules in Archicad 24

Back in 2014 I recorded a video about schedules in Archicad rather than write an email. Now that it’s 2021 I find myself doing the same thing. Below is a twenty minute video that discusses schedules, Archicad Properties, and Classifications. If you enjoy this video and want more on those topics, let me know. There’s so much more to share and explore, and I’m sure I can get another video on these topics done by 2028.

If you go over to YouTube to watch this video, there are time codes in the description to jump around to specific topics. And as I say multiple times in the video, everything I do in this video can be explored and replicated if you download the Shoegnome Open Template. Instead of clicking on that link, you can also use the PayPal button below to get to the latest version of the template. Your choice. The template is free if you want it to be.

The old video from 2014 is still valuable. It’s obviously ancient, but most of what I covered there is still applicable and more importantly it shows stuff I didn’t discuss in the video above. Here’s a link to that old video and post.

If you want to understand why this window and toilet are in the same schedule, watch the video.

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If you aren’t using the current version of Archicad, you can download older versions of my template. If you use my template, I highly recommend you use my Work Environment as well. The two work together well and the Work Environment is designed to reinforce the best practices of the template. You can download my Work Environment here.

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