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ArchiCAD 18 Update #2 (recalled because of Teamwork 2 error)

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If you haven’t updated ArchiCAD 18 to build 5014, don’t worry. If you have updated to build 5014, but don’t use Teamwork 2, don’t worry. If you updated to build 5014, and use Teamwork 2, especially the web interface, HOLD ON! Here’s some news that concerns you:

We had to suspend the public release of ArchiCAD 18 Update 5014 due to a Teamwork error found in it. The version is safe to use for those who already have it, but please avoid these actions in Teamwork:

– force leave users out from projects using the web interface
– delete projects from the server

We made the update unavailable through the automatic update system. We are still investigating the error in detail and will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

(from this ArchiCAD-talk post)

If you did upgrade and want to downgrade, here’s how to do it. It’s fast and easy, though you’ll be doing it while annoyed. Because you know, potential teamwork error that could delete your work. But again, if you aren’t using Teamwork 2, don’t sweat it. Be a bit annoyed, but thankful that this doesn’t affect you, was caught quickly, and that Graphisoft is working hard to fix the issue.

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  • March 23, 2015

    What is “teamwork 2” is there a different with teamwork

      • March 24, 2015

        Oke thanx! I didn’t knew it

  • March 25, 2015

    Ben Hruska

    Is there an ETA on the next build? We are thinking about moving a project back to 17 as a temporary fix. 🙁

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