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Modeling and Rendering a TIE Fighter in ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD 18 tie fighterBack in January of 2013, Graphisoft released a video showing how someone can model a Tie Fighter in ArchiCAD using the Morph Tool. You can watch the video here. Even after almost two years, this video still impresses the crap out of me. The link will send you to a blog post that also includes an extended version of the video. That one is worth watching too.

A few weeks after that video was released, I talked with the ArchiCAD wizard at GSHQ that modeled the TIE Fighter and he volunteered to share the files he used to create the model. So if you follow this link, you’ll get to a blog post I wrote talking about how you can model the TIE Fighter yourself. It’s a ton of fun and very educational. Plus you get to model a spaceship, which is just wonderful.

Modeling and Rendering a TIE Fighter in ArchiCAD

Well today (December 9th, 2014), Graphisoft has released another video in the series. This time they show how to render the TIE Fighter using the new ArchiCAD 18 CineRender rendering engine. There’s a nice article talking about the process here. But if you are impatient, you can just go ahead and watch the video below. The clip is only one minute and nineteen seconds long—clearly Graphisoft didn’t know when making a new Star Wars video that it is supposed to be eighty-eight seconds long. I’m hoping Graphisoft will soon release an extended version as well. There’s so much more I want to see, and I assume you’ll agree with me that you would sign up for a webinar series that goes through this step by step…

Maybe someday a subset of architects will design spaceships for a living; I guess some that work in Hollywood already do. I’m not one of them, but I’m sure I’ll write more about architecture and boyhood dreams of space: Shoegnome on FacebookTwitter, and the RSS feed.

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