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500th post, are you freaking kidding me?


My first post was on July 11th, 2010. My 500th post was on January 10th, 2014.

And that’s not counting the 75 and counting posts over on BIM Engine or other off-site articles.

This week also marks some other milestones. I had my first day of over 2,000 visits (yesterday, which actually topped 2,300). I’m on track to have my highest number of visits in a week (1/13/14 update: yup, I ended up with a bit over 5,800 for the week), and that probably points to potentially a new best month. Okay, that’s probably a little overzealous because in the end of January I’ll be moving to Seattle rather than publishing and writing daily (though hopefully I’ll have enough guest bloggers to fill the gaps). By the way within those 500 posts are slightly more than 30 posts by guest bloggers. I’m extra proud of that last number. Let’s push that number past 50 in 2014. Deal?

Since this is mostly just a self-involved reflection post that’s probably TL;DR and NW;DR, this week also marked the 300,000th visit and last month saw my 500,000th page view.

Beyond that, this week I also published ArchiCAD Tutorial videos 31, 31, and 33. My YouTube channel, where those videos live, surpassed 100,000 views and 1,000 subscribers this week. 100,000 views is the equivalent of about 150 days of time spent learning ArchiCAD (over 200,000 minutes of viewing).

When I started this blog 3 1/2 years ago, I had two goals. Raise my stature in the ArchiCAD community in Minnesota because I had just become the ArchiCAD reseller (technically agent) for Minnesota and one day surpass Onland.info (which was my ArchiCAD blogging inspiration) for number of posts. Onland has 679 posts. I’m guessing I’ll cross that number later in 2014, if 2013 is anything to go by. And I think the ArchiCAD community in Minnesota knows who I am now. Of course this blog quickly outgrew the purview of ArchiCAD in Minnesota. And in fact as of January 1st, 2014, I am no longer the person in charge of selling ArchiCAD to Minnesotans. I loved promoting ArchiCAD and BIM in Minnesota, but that’s kind of hard to do when I no longer live there (15 days until the move to Seattle!).  If you are in Minnesota and interested in ArchiCAD (or currently use ArchiCAD), talk to Adam.

So what else can I blather about in Post 500.

Probably not much. I’m nervous to share my goals for 2014 for fear of not living up to them. But there are three themes I’ll share. More architecture, but not necessarily under the Shoegnome name. More writing, but maybe fewer blog posts. More about the tricky world of being an Architect in the 21st century via both previous goals. I’ll explain more later as secret plans become less secret.

Oh and one more thing. This blog is littered with promises of follow-up blog posts that I never finished writing. I’m going to write many of those and finally share them in 2014. I need to write them. For lots of reasons. If there are any in particular you have been waiting for me to finish, leave a comment below.

Let’s kick some ass in 2014.

If you hadn’t guessed this post is mainly written for my own records. A year from now when I want to sentimentally think back to what was going on at the start of 2014, I’ll be able to check this post and go “I had 985 Twitter Followers, 1,086 connections on LinkedIn (75 in the LinkedIn group), 934 Facebook Likes, and 1,000 YouTube Subscribers as of January 10th, 2014. Oh and I guess 103 Google+ Followers. Sad, sad Google+.” If you remember, I did this back in January of 2013 with my 300th post. Can you believe almost half of my content is from 2013? Wow.

Halfway to Post 1,000…

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