Interior Elevation TOOL in ArchiCAD

So yesterday I recorded a video on how to create beautiful interior elevations in ArchiCAD. Today I want to add to that video by sharing another video on the Interior Elevation Tool itself. A lot of us have avoided using this tool because it has some issues, but I’ve been using it for years now and rarely get foiled. So here’s a slightly less than 9-minute video showing you how-to (and how-not-to) use the Interior Elevation Tool in ArchiCAD.

Oh and by the way, see if you can catch the mistake I make in the video before I realize it. Rewatching the video, it’s so obvious to me now, but when I was recording it took me like a minute before I saw the error and fixed it. I left the error and the correction in the video because it’s a good learning moment.


Bonus Addendum to the Bonus Video

I always forget things when I record videos. When you use the Interior Elevation Tool, here’s what I recommend for your Marker Head’s Inner Text and Outer Text: Layout ID on the inside, Drawing ID on the outside. When you do this, you’ll want to place your views immediately (don’t worry about arrangement, just get them on a sheet), otherwise you’ll see that fun ArchiCAD placeholder gibberish of #DrgID and #LAYID all over the place.

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