Interior Elevations in ArchiCAD

Instead of New Years Resolutions, I much prefer to see New Years as the time to stop doing bad habits. Still using the Internal Engine instead of OpenGL to explore ArchiCAD in 3D. It’s 2014. Please stop. Still using two spaces between sentences when you write? We’re not in elementary school anymore. Please stop.

In that spirit, I finally recorded a video to replace the second ArchiCAD Tutorial I ever recorded. In that video I showed you a cheat on how to do quick and pretty interior elevations in ArchiCAD. It’s a great trick for producing clean air lines and fast masking fills. The video also teaches you about Find and Select and some other little efficiencies. Watch the video, but then don’t use it to create interior elevations. The method is outdated and not good enough.

Instead of following my advice from 2011, watch my new video and do Interior Elevations that way. Once you learn and implement this method, creating Interior Elevations of every space in your project—if you’ve modeled well—will approach zero extra time. To accomplish that, you will also need to set up your Interior Elevation Tool and save it as a Favorite. Additionally, with all the automatic naming I discuss, when you sheet the views, you’ll be able to print out a schematic set of interior elevations the second the rough model is complete and your rooms are labeled with the Zone Tool. Oh and by the way, the following tips also work if you are creating Interior Elevations with the Section or Elevation Tool (or need to make partial Elevations or Sections where this masking technique makes sense).

Fast. Fast. Fast. Fast.

To me, going from rough model to a laid out cartoon set of legible 3D-only views in a short amount of time thanks to a well set-up Template is one of the fundamentals of BIM. What makes me say that? Once your documentation and presentation is effortless, nearly automatic, and beautiful, then you get to spend more time on what matters: developing a valuable building. A trick like this Interior Elevation creation method, a technique that will save you countless minutes and hours compared to older methods (whether lesser ArchiCAD or pre-BIM solutions), is one of those great efficiencies of Production Oriented BIM, of that first quadrant in my Four Flavors of BIM diagram.

Now that you’ve watched the new video, watch (or rewatch) my original Interior Elevation video.

For another graphic shortcut video, check out this post. For more on Interior Elevations, sift through some of these posts. Do you like my ArchiCAD videos? Think I should make a New Years Resolution to reach 50 videos by the end of 2014? This is Number 31 by the way. Want me to reach the halfway point by the release of ArchiCAD 18 (whenever that’ll be)? Like this video on all sorts of Social Media and share it around. That’ll be my cue to keep recording and posting more videos like this one.

Thank you very much and here’s to an incredible 2014!

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