Guest Blogger Endre Ilauszky: The Random City Object for ArchiCAD site models

After the successful Ceiling Editor and Floating Dimension objects the next BIM component has arrived in the “Wish upon an Object from”. The Random City component is a very useful tool when you want to place schematic buildings or town parts simply and quickly into the background of an ArchiCAD site model. It is random, as you can adjust the buildings’ geometry and measures to be generated by the Object. Forms of the buildings can be set from rural characteristics (Village buildings) to urban types (Urban buildings)  and to skyscrapers (Skyscraper).

Placement Method

There are a variety of options to place building(s):

  • individually (Single)
  • along a line (Linear), as separate houses (Detached Buildings), or attached (Terrace houses),
  • into the Grid lines of a specified territory, regularly or irregularly
  • or along the perimeter lines of a polygon.

Building Types and Forms (random or not)

You can set the buildings’ geometry with the help of various parameters. You can set the Building Types (village, urban, city, skyscraper, high-rise buildings) and the different Elevation Style, Roof Type and Building Elements. You can choose from dozens of floor plan forms as well. With the help of their sizes and the dispersion (%) thereof—as well as the use of Random Functions—you can obtain a perfectly random town part in the background.

By using the floor plan Editing Panel you may easily and quickly alter the previously placed Random City object buildings even more. Download the Random City BIM component to try the further possibilities of this incredible Object (MVO, day and night appearance, etc) .

Try the Random City Object Yourself

The Random City (US and INT) object is available free on the BIMcomponents portal on manuBIM’s profile page.

The Random City (HUN, FRA, GER) object is available free on the BIMcomponents portal on CADStudio’s profile page.

YouTube tutorial videos will also be available soon!

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Jared’s Bonus Note: You can read Endre’s previous guest post here. I think the Random City Object sounds amazing. Day and Night options? How cool is that?! Plus being sensitive to Model View Options is fantastic. I can’t wait to settle in to Boston and test it out. I’ve been meaning to write a few posts about site models and urban design using ArchiCAD. So expect me to add some more thoughts and ideas on what this Object can provide. It sounds like it answers and completes a few of the concepts I’ve been mulling over for the past year or so.


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