ArchiCAD Modeling Tips – BONUS VIDEO!

This is my third video on modeling chimneys in ArchiCAD. The first covered Complex Profiles and the second discussed the Morph Tool. A HUGE thank you to Gorazd Rajh of Pilon AEC (the reseller of ArchiCAD in Slovenia) for sharing this bonus modeling tip with me.

While building the chimney with the Morph Tool, I had one major issue—I struggled to use the tube command. Well thanks to Gorazd I learned an awesome trick to make the tube command on the pet palette insanely easy.

Here it is:

Awesome, right? It’s little tricks like this that turn the Morph Tool from a nifty new addition to ArchiCAD into the powerhouse super-solution that it really is. Also it’s a good reminder to try the tricks you know in multiple scenarios. I used the Magic Wand with the Morph earlier in my modeling, but didn’t think to try it when I got stuck later. Silly Jared.

And one last time. A HUGE thanks to all my readers and viewers. This series of videos would never have happened without all of you. One reader asked me how to model the chimney, a second challenged me to use the Morph Tool, and a third showed me the answer to my own problem. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Who’s got the next question? E-mail me.


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