Modeling tips for Chimneys in ArchiCAD

When doing remodels, I often come across some weird chimneys. Likewise when doing new construction, certain architectural styles suggest less than plain chimneys. Here’s a video sharing some tips on how to make good looking chimneys in ArchiCAD. Of course these modeling tips and techniques could be used for other forms. Think of chimney modeling as a proxy for all sorts of non-standard shapes. And this is just the beginning. To further BIM-ify the chimney there are a bunch of things you could do like turning the results into hotlinked Modules, Morphs, Objects, etc. But that’s for another video (or videos).

Modeling tips for Chimneys in ArchiCAD

Of course all this will get tweaked with the improvements in ArchiCAD 17, specifically because of Building Materials and Priority Based Connections; but I can’t start sharing homebrew ArchiCAD 17 images and videos for a few weeks yet. Patience. But now that many of the new features of ArchicAD 17 are public, I am able to mention in the video how these techniques will get even better starting sometime in June 2013!

Bonus Notes:

I glossed over material selection in Complex Profiles. We can talk more about that starting in June or July with ArchiCAD 17, if people want. In the example chimney you’ll notice that the depths of the beams are different. I forgot to show how to do that in the video. But changing the length of a beam is something you should know how to do already. I hope. Also did you notice how when I made those four walls they were instantly a group? Autogroup is a pretty cool feature that I always leave on. Learn more about groups here.

In the above video I mention two other videos about Complex Profiles. If you haven’t watched them, you should. One last note, this was another reader question. Thanks for asking! See a pattern forming? Who’s next? Send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

SUPER Bonus Note:

This chimney could also be modeled with just Morphs. Here’s a video showing you how.

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