Quick and Pretty Renderings From ArchiCAD

The above rendering is fairly typical of what I show clients these days. It’s not the most complex image, but it’s fast and easy. And you could imagine that with a little more effort scalies, trees, etc. could be easily added. The final rendering is a combination of images from the Sketch Rendering Engine and the Internal Rendering Engine found in ArchiCAD. The images were combined in a 3rd party program like Photoshop or Gimp. I like that the final product mimics some of the qualities of an image from SketchUp. And that’s actually where the original idea came from. I was looking to create images from ArchiCAD that appealed to former coworkers who only liked stuff from SketchUp. I think I succeeded.

Disclaimer: I’m using Gimp in the video and I am still fairly clumsy in the software. It’s a great program, but it is just different enough from Photoshop that I feel like I’m either wearing mittens or have had a few beers. If you’re not familiar with Gimp, check it out. It’s a free alternative to Photoshop. And I believe there’s an Illustrator type program as well created by the same group. I imagine going from Photoshop to Gimp is like going from ArchiCAD to Revit or vice versa. If it can be done in Photoshop, it can probably be done in Gimp. Just remember that it won’t be the exact same steps or locations…

Enjoy the Video!

Want to take the image you created a step further? Check out David’s advice on alternatives to photorealistic renderings. Also to get better materials in ArchiCAD, watch this video on stealing them from SketchUp.

Update 02/23/2015: ArchiCAD 18 offers some new ways to make this technique even better; click here to watch another way to create an awesome multi-layer rendering.

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