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ArchiCAD Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Fun Fact:

YouTube was officially launched in November 2005. I first learned ArchiCAD in January 2006.

While writing my post on ArchiCAD heroes, I realized I was defining them very narrowly. I wanted to focus that post on those shining lights that kept me going when I was a new user, deep in despair, and feeling alone. Those giants showed me the way. But that’s only part of the story. When I first learned ArchiCAD there was really only one major source of learning that I was aware of: The Forum.  It was early 2006. Now in 2013 there are so many other places and ways to get great information about ArchiCAD. Today I want to focus on one of those other great resources: YouTube.

ArchiCAD Tutorials on YouTube

Shoegnome ArchiCAD Tutorials

I’m at 301 subscribers, almost 35,000 views, and 12 videos. I intend to at least double those numbers this year. And ideally I’d like to do that before ArchiCAD 17 comes out. Not that any of us knows when that’ll be. So I better start recording some new videos ASAP. In general my videos focus on methods and techniques that help create beautiful, efficient models and drawings. I’m also interested in demystifying some of the basics of ArchiCAD (like the dimension tool). If you’ve read any of my ArchiCAD tip blog posts, imagine those, but in video format.

Eric Bobrow ArchiCAD Tutorials

Eric Bobrow has almost 3,000 subscribers, close to 650,000 views, and 33+ videos. I am a big fan of many of his videos. Two in particular that I am always recommending are his introduction to how guide lines changed in ArchiCAD 15 and his video about using Solid Element Operations to create paths and roads in site models. If you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about in regards to that second video, do yourself a favor and watch that one before anything else. And of course beyond Eric’s growing You Tube channel (which also has many videos now in Spanish), he also has his ArchiCAD Best Practices Course & QuickStart Course.

Graphisoft on YouTube

And of course there is the mothership: Graphisoft’s official channel.  Almost 3,000,000 views, nearly 7,500 subscribers, and over 1,000 videos. Wow. Recently Graphisoft has started releasing some short videos covering the ultra basics of ArchiCAD. You can easily find them here. Also to tease about ArchiCAD 17 again… whenever a new version of ArchiCAD comes out, Graphisoft releases a flood of videos showing off the new features (a combination of PR and mini-tutorials). So keep an eye out for those.

Applecore Designs Limited

In addition to being the UK reseller for Graphisoft, Applecore Designs is a great ArchiCAD resource. They’ve got a whole bunch of videos that are worth checking out. Close to 1,000 subscribers and 900,000 views.

Learn Virtual

Learn Virtual (in a simplistic sense) has a similar business model to Eric Bobrow. They’ve got both a lot of great (and short) tutorial videos on YouTube, and if you want more they’ve got a wide range of paid courses as well.


Apollo hasn’t added any videos in a long time, but what I love about the few ArchiCAD videos that he has is that they walk you through creating a very simple building in ArchiCAD. Great for beginners. I’ll need to harp on Apollo to get some more videos recorded.

Florian Heise

Florian has about 20 videos focusing on a wide range of ArchiCAD techniques and tips (modeling, visualization, documentation, etc.). The videos range from about a minute and a half to twenty minutes long. Definitely worth checking out. He also has some tutorial videos for some other programs as well.

So who am I missing?

Sometime later this winter I plan to rework my ArchiCAD Resources Page and create a similar ArchiCAD Video Tutorials Page with all these links and more. Consider this Version 0.5 of the ArchiCAD Video Tutorials Reference Guide. What other awesome ArchiCAD video channels are there on Youtube (or elsewhere). I know there are plenty of non-English videos, but that’s out of my purview. Share your favorites in the comments below.



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