Little Clues

You say “you know what you’re doing in ArchiCAD”. You might not be the best, but you’ve got a really good system. You’re fast and efficient. But how quickly can an ArchiCAD Expert tell if you’re a good judge of your own skills or just horribly deluded?

That all depends on how long it takes for ArchiCAD to open your file. Because once it’s open, a pro will need less than a minute, maybe 20-30 seconds to be able to ballpark your abilities. How will they know how good your file is (and by extension your ArchiCAD prowess)?

When the file opens are they going to see a lot of error messages? What’s the last window left open? Are there 5 elevations, 3 layouts, and a couple of details open? Is the View Map or Project Map open in the Navigator? Is the View Map well organized? If someone double clicks on a view in the view map, are all the Quick Options going to switch to Custom? What do your layers look like? If an ArchiCAD Expert jumps to 3D does s/he need to click okay though a bunch of angry dialog boxes first? How long will it take to find your garbage?

Is there an exploded plan?                   GAME OVER.

These examples and countless other little clues leave telltale signs of a user’s skills. In that short bit of time will the expert be able to know everything about your ArchiCAD background? Of course not. But I guarantee that these tiny signs always, ALWAYS reveal the bigger picture. And sometimes that bigger picture ain’t pretty.

Be Your Own Expert

Look at your files with a critical eye and see where you’re being sloppy, lazy or unskilled. And start fixing those issues. You don’t need to improve everything today. Start by eliminating every instance of ‘custom’ in your View Settings. Then investigate error messages. Little Clues and Baby Steps are perfect companions. And remember, the best thing that you can discover is that you’re the problem.





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