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All the Changes in ArchiCAD 16 that we love, but won’t be Advertised

There are a lot of little tweaks in every version of ArchiCAD that don’t get top billing. Or any billing at all. Yet some of these changes are huge and exciting for us nerdy, obsessive users. There is a great list (started by ArchiCAD Hero Link Ellis) from last year on the ArchiCAD forum detailing all these unannounced changes for ArchiCAD 15. I wrote a post about it. Discover both here. I’m confident you’ll learn some cool new tricks, even though the list is a year old.

So what about ArchiCAD 16?

Here is the official changes guide for ArchiCAD 16 and a refresher on the other details of ArchiCAD 16. But what are all the undiscovered and unmentioned tweaks and changes to the latest version? I’ve started  a post on the forum. Have you noticed another tweak, good or bad, that’s not on the list in the forum? Go and add it. Now before you forget.

Here’s One I’ve found

The Z-buffer Rendering Engine is gone. While doing a little research for a post I’m writing for the BIM Engine Blog, I noticed the list of rendering engines was a little shorter than I was used to. I’ve searched around the Internet and haven’t found one mention of this quiet disappearance. I’m not sure how many people used the Z-buffer Rendering Engine, so I doubt it will be missed. But this is a great example of one of those unadvertised changes to ArchiCAD 16.

And One I heard from an ArchiCAD developer

Now you can click on a special snap point for the first point of a split command. Open up ArchiCAD 16 and try it on a special snap point on a wall. Ever notice how frustrating it was to NOT be able to do that?

Okay and here’s one I don’t love

Empty Opening (ArchiCAD 15) has become Simple Window Opening (ArchiCAD 16). I haven’t explored enough to know the differences, but… it did mess up my window schedules that were excluding Empty Opening. It’s a quick fix. Fortunately I caught it before printing. But still a little annoying. Ah… all the little things that change.

Who’s found some others? Add them to the post in the forum…

The ArchiCAD 15 list spawned 6 pages of discussion. I’ll be disappointed if we can’t match that. Here’s the link to the user generated list of undocumented changes in V16.


  • July 30, 2012


    I didn’t catch the empty opening change when I was setting up our new (16) template, I’ll have to put that on the list of refinements for our 16 template… thanks.

  • July 31, 2012

    When working with two or more AC16 files, one can access them from navigator palette upper left button…

    Before one had to select the AC dock symbol to go to another open AC file… BUT I could be wrong. I don’t remember seeing that option.

  • July 31, 2012

    I did say I could have been wrong. What a surprise but I’ll keep looking for unadvertised changes…

  • August 10, 2012

    The project info list can no longer be sorted alphabetically so if you use auto text extensively your list is always in the order you entered the custom data

    It’s a real pain if you have long lists!

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