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Work Environments in ArchiCAD – part 2D

Here’s Part 2D of my series on Work Environments.
Have you read Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2B, and Part 2C yet?

So we’ve already seen Work Environments from PCs and Work Environments from Macs. Well here are two Work Environments from the SAME USER. The first image is from a 27″ display. The second is from a 15″ laptop.

For the last few months I’ve been working solely off a 15″ laptop with no second monitor. The resolution is good enough to get an acceptable amount of info on the screen. I don’t feel that my work is compromised by the smaller screen, usually. Maybe I’m just used to it now. And portability can’t be underestimated (today I worked from both my home office and a spare desk at the local firm I was doing ArchiCAD training at). BUT… wow! Check out all that real estate on the 27″ monitor. Notice the scale of the buttons in the tool bar for each image. Now compare that to the space available for drawings. The 27″ monitor gives you a HUGE amount of workspace.

Once I stop traveling so much, it’ll definitely be time to get back to having a giant screen.

Work Environment from a Mac Pro 8-core with a 27″ Apple display


Work Environment from a 15″ Mac Laptop

Thanks again to everyone who’s sent me their screen shots. There’s more Work Environment sharing to come…

Haven’t shared your Work Environment? It’s not too late, I’ll keep posting as many as I get. Do you work on both a Mac and a PC? I’d love to see how your Work Environments compare to each other. Does your brain go to mush switching between platforms and keyboard shortcuts?



  • May 25, 2012

    Andy Kilanowski


    You were wondering if our brains go to mush going from a Mac to a PC interface? How about this: going from Mac ArchiCAD (day-job) to PC AutoCAD Architecture (freelance stuff), to dabbling in Revit and Vecterworks Architect (for the fun of really mushing my brain into a puree)?

  • May 25, 2012

    Andy Kilanowski

    Now that I do have a newborn at home, I would say it’s more of a bisque.

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