Work Environments in ArchiCAD – part 1

Thought about your ArchiCAD Work Environment recently?

This week I’m trying something different (no real surprise, right?). In honor of setting up my new home office, I’m going to talk about my ArchiCAD Work Environment. I’m not going to cover everything about it, but let’s see what I can share under eight minutes. Here’s one spoiler:

If your info box is stretched horizontally across the top of the screen like ArchiCAD has it right out of the box… guess what? You’re wrong. And you need to stop using it that way. I’m open to hearing arguments, but I’ll be impressed if I hear a good one.

Bonus Explainer 1:

Why is my info box, navigator, and toolbox on the left of the screen instead of the right? Most of us are used to reading from left to right. So I find that when I look at a screen, my eyes tend to drift to the left. Upper left in fact. And guess what’s there on my screen? The info box. Can’t spell BIM without info.

Bonus Explainer 2:

How do you get the info box to be vertical and rectangular instead of horizontal, skinny, and stupid? Grab a corner with the mouse and reshape it. Just like I did with the toolbox in the video (and forgot to do with the info box).

Bonus Explainer 3:

Remember, once you’ve rearranged your palettes, update and save your Work Environment. Probably should do a video on how to do that…

Your Turn (updated about 2 hrs after I posted)

I just got an e-mail which has me thinking. What does your ArchiCAD work environment look like? If you’re will to share on the blog, send me a screen shot and a few words about why what you do makes sense. I’ll post the best work environments in a week or two. Thanks and start sending me those screen captures!

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