All the Changes in ArchiCAD 15 that we love, but won’t be Advertised

Most of us have read about ArchiCAD 15 on the ArchicadWiki. If you want a refresher, read this and also the official changes guide. Many of us are even using ArchiCAD 15 on a daily basis and enjoying the new features like the shell tool and the 3D editing planes.

But have you also read this list from the forum: Undocumented Changes in V15.

There are a lot of little tweaks in every version of ArchiCAD that don’t get top billing. Or any billing at all. I’m excited about a dockable quick layers palette, but that’s not marketable news. Neither are the little tweaks to improve scripting in GDL. But some of this is huge and exciting for us nerdy, obsessive users.

Have you noticed another tweak, good or bad, that’s not on the list in the forum? Go and add it. Now before you forget. Here’s the link again to the user generated list of undocumented changes in V15.

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  1. Shittu Saheed Olayinka August 1, 2011

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