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I don’t use the latest version of ARCHICAD…Can you help me out?

When I open the template I see a lot of dots, WTF? / I need an old library!
My template uses the USA library, as it is geared towards my home turf. If you don’t have that, my Objects won’t work. There are two ways you can get the ARCHICAD 21 USA Library.

  1. You can click on this link and download either the ARCHICAD 21 USA Library and/or the ARCHICAD 21 INT Library (for those of you who want that). That link will also give you access to download the libraries for ARCHICAD 18, 19, and 20 USA and INT, if you need them.
  2. You can get the correct library by downloading and installing ARCHICAD 21 USA via www.myarchicad.com. Once you have that installed you can grab the library and delete the application—or just keep it for fun. Also if you need other libraries from any version or any localization, here’s what to do.

A word of caution: do not load two ARCHICAD Libraries at the same time. You will get tons of errors and ARCHICAD will get cranky.

What about Metric Units?
Converting everything to metric is easy. Switching libraries is a bit more annoying. Here’s a blog post and video on the basics of making this conversion yourself. If someone does that, please share it back with me. If someone wants to hire me to convert everything to metric, I’ll outsource the work to someone who thinks in meters and knows ARCHICAD.

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Is the Shoegnome Open Template affiliated with GRAPHISOFT or anyone else?
Nope. This is all Shoegnome. I’m also not using any 3rd party add-ons or paid Objects within the template. There are a few I love (search the blog for which ones), but I decided that this template should rely on resources available to anyone and everyone.

If you need some specific tool, add-on, or object, check my ARCHICAD Resources page.

So the template is free?
Yes. If you want to click the support button and send some money my way, that’d be awesome. But I want people to use ARCHICAD to its fullest and I’m not going to limit the benefits of my ARCHICAD template to only those people who have money to buy one. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with charging money for a template; I just want to try something different. And maybe I can inspire others to share their templates as well. It’s a dream of mine to also one day get a Revit using friend to share his or her template via my blog or theirs as well. That’d be cool. BIM templates for all!

Is this template for everyone?
Yes, but… Yes in that I want to share it as far and wide as possible. Yes in that it should be very adaptable to whatever project time and units you use. However, this ARCHICAD template has grown (and will continue to grow) out of my own work. So it’s currently aimed at projects in the USA under about 20,000 sq. ft. (2,000 m2). And while I’ve used older versions of this template on commercial work, it’s been primary developed for wood framed residential projects. It should easily adapt to larger projects and different construction types, but that might require a little bit of effort from you. But that’s okay. The template is set up to be adaptable and it should be pretty obvious how to expand it.

Parameter Transfer!!!!!
If you don’t know how to switch between Objects, Windows, Doors, Skylights, etc. within the Selection Settings and maintain Pens, Fills, Surfaces, Dimensions, etc. you need to read this post and watch the accompanying video. Being able to work within my Pen Sets is critical to achieve beautiful drawings from my template. The primary way to not mess up the assigned pens is the proper use of Parameter Transfer (eyedropper and syringe). And of course it’s also key to making a beautiful 3D model as well.

What if I download it and don’t like it because I think I can do better?
That’s cool. How about you share your template with me and everyone else? I’d love to have more than one template to share. Wouldn’t that be amazing? To have ten or more great templates to choose from, each one community supported?

Have a question about the Shoegnome Open Template not covered already?
E-mail me. I’ll add the answer to the FAQ (if it’s something others would be interested in learning about too).

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