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ArchiCAD Modeling Tips – BONUS VIDEO!

This is my third video on modeling chimneys in ArchiCAD. The first covered Complex Profiles and the second discussed the Morph Tool. A HUGE thank you to Gorazd Rajh of Pilon AEC (the reseller of ArchiCAD in Slovenia) for sharing this bonus modeling tip with me. While building the chimney …


Modeling tips for Chimneys in ArchiCAD Redux

In response to my earlier video on modeling tips for chimneys in ArchiCAD, some readers pointed out that the Morph Tool also offers a great way to do these types of chimneys (or similarly complex forms). I completely agree. Therefor it seemed like I should model that same chimney using …


Modeling tips for Chimneys in ArchiCAD

When doing remodels, I often come across some weird chimneys. Likewise when doing new construction, certain architectural styles suggest less than plain chimneys. Here’s a video sharing some tips on how to make good looking chimneys in ArchiCAD. Of course these modeling tips and techniques could be used for other …


Morph Pet Palette Madness

While doing some experimentation on an ArchiCAD 15 file that I’d opened in ArchiCAD 16, I came across a weird quark with the Morph Tool. The pet palette for the Morph Tool wasn’t showing me all the options. I was bewildered and annoyed. I wasn’t sure what was going on …