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ArchiCAD OS X Yosemite

Compatibility notes: ArchiCAD on Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

I know you are excited about Mac OS X Yosemite. But slow down. You have a job to do, and need to be careful about any quirks that will eventually be ironed out in future hotfixs to ArchiCAD and updates to the OS. So read on about what the new OS means for you, and why you want to play it safe and wait a little while to upgrade.

Compatibility note: ArchiCAD on Windows 8

Well Windows 8 is out. That means it’s time to start learning about compatibility issues with it and older software (ei any software that was released before today). Keep an eye on this ArchicadWiki page for continued updates about ArchiCAD and Windows 8. Nothing too surprising Supported versions: GRAPHISOFT is …

Compatibility notes to ArchiCAD on Mac OSX Lion

Kind of important if you’re using any version of ArchiCAD and getting excited about Lion (or have already installed it). Read it. Now: No more using any version of ArchiCAD older than version 8.1 if you go to Lion (Mac OS 10.7). Good to know for all those 6.5 …

Old Files in need of opening?

December must have been the month of old files. I’ve had a few people ask me about opening up ancient projects. If you want to open a file from before v8.1 and only have v14 installed (I’m pretty sure even v11 can’t open anything older), there is a solution. You …