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KUBUS introduces BIMcollab

Official press release about BIMcollab from KUBUS. It takes BCF collaboration to a whole new level. Also they are now giving away for free their BCF managers for Revit, ArchiCAD, and simplebim. That’s awesome. I love when people put sharing and promoting BIM at the top of their priority list.

THIS is how Architecture and Jazz relate.

There are a few things that really get my blood boiling. This for instance. Here’s another: People talking about how Architecture is like Jazz enrages me. I HATE when people make this comparison. I want to ask, okay so you say architecture and jazz are kindred spirits? Are you both …

OpenBIM and IFC? Listen to Bond Bryan Architects

You shouldn’t be allowed to use the acronym BIM if you can’t collaborate. That’s just one of the many awesome BIM and IFC related tweets you’ll get if you follow Bond Bryan Architects on Twitter. I’ve been following them for awhile now and they take BIM and IFC very seriously. …