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Client Communications with BIM


Architects, Social Media, and Time Management

There’s something a bit meta about writing about social media for architects on a blog about being an architect. But after 3+ years of blogging, one learns a thing or two. Enjoy this quick article I wrote about Architects and Social Media. It won’t be the last time I discuss this issue. There’s just so much more to share.

BIMx devices

GRAPHISOFT Releases Feature Upgrade to BIMx Mobile

Jared’s note: I really like that Graphisoft keeps adding little improvements to BIMx through out the year. The last update that gave us the ability to “Limit navigation to gallery views” was less than 6 months ago. Well here’s the latest. I did a quick test of the new features and …

One of two interviews I did at ABX 2012

Unfortunately I can’t just share the video directly on my blog. So the link below will take you to the 3 minute video where I talk about Improving Client Communications with BIM, which I realized on the flight back from Washington DC is what I really should have titled the …

Color Elevations and Details in ArchiCAD

Do you know how to create these two images in ArchiCAD? Clink on the images or the links to read posts I wrote for BIM Engine that talk more in depth about each. With a little bit of knowledge and template set-up both are very easy to do–and they are …

Let’s Dream a little about Orthograph Architect

Orthograph Architect is billed as a great survey tool and, from what I can tell, it is. Furthermore, the creators of this iPad app keep adding new features like crazy; I’ve lost count of the number of upgrades and improvements this not-so-little-anymore app has gotten since it was released in …