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cartoon_bim and ipd


All the credit for this cartoon goes to Austin Cramer, Managing Editor of DesignIntelligence. If you’re not aware of DesignIntelligence, you need to be. Here’s a snippet from their website: DesignIntelligence is the Design Futures Council’s bi-monthly report on the future, delivering original research, insightful commentary, and instructive best practices. …

BIM Model Kittens small

Ownership of the BIM Model

What do fluffy kittens and vile blog posts trashing software have in common? In days past, those of us using ArchiCAD or Revit didn’t talk about BIM. We just worked in a superior way to the flatcadders and were happy about it. In fact ArchiCAD 1.0 was released in 1984 …

Sound of Doom small

The Sound of Doom, Reflections, and What’s Next

I figured out how to easily change the tag-line on the website. One more thing to experiment with. The Sound of Doom Stippling. If you’ve heard me talk about being an architect in the 21st century, then I’ve probably referenced this. I’ve worked with architects who still stipple by hand. …