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Creating 2D Symbols for ArchiCAD Objects

The most important ArchiCAD (Objects) video you’ll watch in 2013 Back in February 2013 I made a tutorial video on making ArchiCAD Objects. If you haven’t watched it, you should. It covers the basics of object making that I completely gloss over in this new video. I’m assuming if you’re …


Digital over Paper Documents: This is Solvable

We need to move away from printed documents. Not to save the forests and not to save on money, though those are nice benefits. We need to evolve beyond what we’ve always done because paper documents are so dumb, so inflexible, so 20th Century. We can do better. Why do …

Color Elevations and Details in ArchiCAD

Do you know how to create these two images in ArchiCAD? Clink on the images or the links to read posts I wrote for BIM Engine that talk more in depth about each. With a little bit of knowledge and template set-up both are very easy to do–and they are …