More and more I’m finding opportunities to write articles for places other than And those articles are broadening beyond ARCHICAD and BIM. Below is a growing list of those locations. I’m always looking for new writing outlets, e-mail me if you’ve got something or want to talk about some potential opportunities.

BIM Engine

I’m currently writing for Graphisoft North America’s Blog. More and more of my ARCHICAD related writing is on BIM Engine rather than Shoegnome. As of December 2016, I’ve written over 150 articles for them.


Sometimes what I write is re-shared elsewhere.


I wrote an article on the expansion of communication with Graphisoft’s BIMx for ArchDaily.


I wrote three articles for the now defunct ArchiMag. All three grew out of blog posts I wrote for Shoegnome. Each is a conglomeration and expansion of a few posts. Even if you’ve read the original posts, you’re in for something new. The links below will take you to PDFs of the individual articles.

Architect Magazine

I wrote an article on BIM for the November 2013 issue that builds on a number of posts from earlier in 2013. BONUS: you can get CEU credits for reading the article (and doing the quiz which I also wrote!).

Cadimage Blog

Cadimage asked me to contribute to their blog. I wrote about why understanding and using the language of ARCHICAD and BIM are key to mastery—and critical to getting help from those with the answers.


I wrote an article for CLOG: SCI-FI back in 2013. Since the article is central to my views on the future of architecture—and CLOG doesn’t publish online—I’ve reshared the piece on Shoegnome. Additionally, the image at the end of the article evolved into the official Shoegnome Architects logo.

CRAN Chronicle

I’ve written a number of articles for the AIA CRAN Chronicle.


I wrote an article about Generation Y architects that appeared in the March/April 2013 issue of DesignIntelligence. The online version is missing the sidebar that talks about Mark Zuckerberg and interns, you can read that here.

Lowe’s for Pros

The Lowe’s for Pros blog has been an opportunity for me to write for a new audience: contractors. Of course the articles should be of interest to anyone connected to the building industry.


The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) had me as a guest contributor for their blog.

Small Project Practitioners Journal

I have so far written one article for this AIA online journal. I might write more.