Shoegnome Architects Logo_longWhen my family and I moved to Seattle, Washington in 2014, I began the slow process of evolving Shoegnome, LLC into Shoegnome Architects—from a consulting business that focuses on helping other architects to an architecture firm whose primary goal is working directly with homeowners. Many of the projects I worked on over the past decade are scattered across the internet on other firms’ websites. Much of it doesn’t even have my name on it because I so often collaborated in the background. Which is fine. The point was always to work with great people and do nice work.

Below is a tiny sampling of my recent work, and links to a few favorite projects from my last few years living in Minnesota. If you have questions or want to see more, send me an e-mail or call:

Jared Banks, AIA
Shoegnome Architects

Phillips Garage

In 2015, I collaborated with Westerbeck|Architecture to design a garage for a family living in Maple Leaf (the Seattle neighborhood where I live). Yes, sometimes even tiny projects are a good excuse to collaborate with friends. The garage will probably never have a car in it. The homeowners treat it more like a backyard cottage or detached family room. Instead of sharing photos of the finished project, I thought I’d show you a sun study I made of the computer model. It shows from sunrise to sunset on September 2nd.

Scenic Ridge Remodel

I went to school down in Texas at Rice University. My good friend and frequent collaborator, David Jefferis of Grayform Architecture, never left Houston. As a result, we’ve done a lot of work together in Texas. In 2015 we tackled a remodel of a nondescript ranch home in the Houston suburbs. Our major design moves included removing a ton of walls and the ceiling. The entire space used to have eight foot ceilings. Here’s an article I wrote about sharing images of this project with some prospective clients. In that article you can see some before and after plans and 3D views.SCENIC RIDGE view to kitchenScenic Ridge B&W

Other Work

From late 2007 through early 2012 I worked at SALA Architects in Minneapolis. During the four and a half years with the firm, I had the pleasure to work closely with a wide variety of talented architects. Together we created some amazing projects that cover just about any style you can think of. Here’s some links to a few of my favorites:

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