Pushing+Boulders+TogetherShoegnome is here to make ARCHICAD as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible; we want everyone to have a great experience with BIM. That’s why Jared is a diligent blogger (both on Shoegnome and BIM Engine, the official blog of Graphisoft North America), organized the Minnesota ARCHICAD User Group while living in Minnesota, and now runs the Seattle Area ARCHICAD User Group. For a number of years Shoegnome’s primary focus was offering a variety of ARCHICAD training and support options for people worldwide. Between July 2010 and December 2013, Shoegnome, LLC was also the authorized Graphisoft agent for Minnesota. While Jared rarely does ARCHICAD training anymore, he is still adamant about sharing the Shoegnome Open Template for ARCHICAD and the Shoegnome Work Environment for ARCHICAD:

Important resources for people new to ARCHICAD

Graphisoft.com The Official ARCHICAD website.

MyARCHICAD.com Where you can download a 30 Day Trial of ARCHICAD (and Artlantis) and/or get a free Educational version for as long as you’re a student, if you’re a student.

ARCHICAD-Talk Forum The Ultimate website for ARCHICAD support. All my ARCHICAD Heroes spend a lot of time there helping others. I visit the forum almost every day.

For more ARCHICAD resources, check out our ARCHICAD Resource Page

Services Shoegnome offers to ARCHICAD users

When time allows, we still offer training and support to other ARCHICAD users. If we are too busy to help, we’ll do our best to connect you with someone who would be a better fit. We know lots of freelancers, gurus, teachers, trainers, template developers, and other ARCHICAD pros who are highly capable, but perhaps a bit less visible than us.

Training Jared is happy to train locally in the Seattle, Washington metro, remotely via Skype, or under the proper circumstances travel to where ever you are.

Support If you are in the Seattle metro, Jared can come out to your office to provide technical support. If you’re farther away, e-mail, phone, and Skype work great, too. If you need a template, you can have the Shoegnome Open Template. It’s whatever price you need it to be, from zero on up.

Other Services Need contract help on a project, and don’t quite have the expertise or capacity you need?  Shoegnome loves teaming up with other ARCHICAD using firms. If we aren’t the right fit or don’t have the availability, we’ll help you find someone who can do that rendering, build that model, or complete those Construction Documents. We know the ARCHICAD community in the USA and beyond. And the community knows us. If you need a freelancer, we’ll help you find the right user for your firm. If you need to hire full time staff with ARCHICAD skills, we know where to look and who to ask.

Contact Us

Shoegnome, LLC — 206.504.3075 — info@shoegnome.com — We’d love to hear from you.