There are a lot of objects, add-ons, tutorials, templates, etc. out there for ArchiCAD. Below is a partial collection of websites that have resources to help you use ArchiCAD to its fullest. If you think there’s a website I should include e-mail me. Want to know why I created the list? Read this.

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ArchiCAD Training Series

These are the current official training videos from GRAPHISOFT. There are five volumes and over twenty hours of videos.

ArchiCAD Tutorials on YouTube

I’ve started compiling a list of YouTube channels with ArchiCAD Tutorial Videos. Right now it’s just a long blog post, but I intend to create a similar page like this one once I flesh out the list some more. Click on the above link to find out more and also to share your favorite YouTube Channels for ArchiCAD Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks.

BIM6x ArchiBoost and More

Link Ellis and Chris Clark of BIM6x have a ton of great services available to ARCHICAD users. In June of 2016, I asked Link to share the story of why he and Chris offer ArchiBoost, a 90 minute online training session.

Eric Bobrow’s ArchiCAD Best Practices Course & QuickStart Course

I’ve written about Eric Bobrow’s Courses before. His courses are a combination of online videos, live webinars, and personalized training calls.


According to LearnVirtual’s website, offers the largest collection of ArchiCAD online training with over 1,200 videos and 200 classes.

GDL Cookbook & Object Making with ArchiCAD

David Nicholson Cole wrote the definitive book(s) on learning GDL and making Objects in ArchiCAD. The link will take you to an article on my blog written by one of my ArchiCAD heroes as well as links to download the various versions of each book (for free!).

GDL Handbook (Second edition) by Andrew Watson

If you want even more GDL textbook learning, check out Cadimage’s offering. This book was written by Andrew Watson, a developer in the Cadimage Group team who has worked on “almost all aspects of the Cadimage suite of Objects and Tools and is the original developer of the Stairs and Door+Window tools for ArchiCAD”. So if the guy who has written endless lines of GDL script for Cadimage is writing a book about GDL, you know he’ll have good things to teach you.



The above link will take you to a post on Shoegnome talking about the UK protocol document for ArchiCAD designed for use with BIM projects, known as the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols. It‘s a great document and should be used as a model for future protocol development.

Currently I’m not aware of any other BIM protocols specifically for ArchiCAD out there, so if you know of one please let me know.


Master Script

I wrote a review of Master Script’s Total Zone and Total Marker. Masterscript has a combination of 3D objects and workflow enhancement tools/objects. He also has a great keynote object.


CADSwift has a combination of 3D objects, enhanced label objects, and templates. Read Kristian’s guest post.

Applecore Designs Limited

In addition to being an ArchiCAD Reseller based in the UK, ADL has a decent number of GDL objects for sale.


ArchiRADAR has a number of ARCHICAD objects for sale, including a ton of really beautiful trees.

3DMD 3D Media Design

3DMD makes a number of awesome 3D polyline based objects, including a polyline railing, fence, and pathway.

4D Library Beyond the Box

Ben Cohen provides a suite of 160+ library objects geared for the Australian market.

Dimensions Design Group, Inc.

Dimensions Design Group, Inc. makes Smart Parts. The various libraries include windows+doors, kitchen+bath, trim+stairs, various furniture and more. One of my coworkers still swears by his ArchiCAD 6.5 Smart Parts that he purchased over a decade ago.

Rik Corporation

Rik Corporation has a really extensive landscaping and exteriors library. It looks like there are some pretty incredible features. The page I link to is in English, but the rest of the site is in Japanese. And unfortunately while my brother lives in Tokyo and is fluent in Japanese, I live in Minnesota and am essentially monolingual. However it looks like Rik Corporation might have some other ArchiCAD Add-ons and libraries.



Shoegnome Open Template

I’ve made my ArchiCAD template available to anyone who wants it. Monetary support is appreciated, but not necessary. You can learn more about the Shoegnome Open Template and how to download it here.

ArchiCoach Template

This template is a companion to the book “Project Management with ArchiCAD“. Both are by Axel Meyer.

BIM6x Template Kits

From BIM6x’s website: “The BIM6x Template Kits for ArchiCAD 19 are the culmination of decades of ArchiCAD implementation experience and are based on the feedback of thousands of users, with ongoing support from Graphisoft.” Half of BIM6x is Link Ellis, who is one of my ArchiCAD Heroes. BIM6x offers three versions of their template: a Starter Kit, a Launch Kit and a Power Kit.

Eric Bobrow’s Master Template

From Eric’s website: “Created by two ArchiCAD masters with a combined 35 years of experience using and teaching the program, it is a catalyst that will jump you up several levels in terms of organizational efficiency, saving you immense amounts of time while supporting you to produce higher quality work.”

[mac interact]

From their website: macinteract is a Sydney, Australia-based company providing Apple-based IT services to creative professionals.” Arne Heeres wrote a guest blog post for me about both their template and their template creation philosophy. You can read that post here.

S#19 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 19

The Skewed BIM template for ARCHICAD 19 is developed by Nathan Hildrebrandt of both Skewed and Fullton Trotter Architects. The origins of his template can be traced back to two guest blog posts he wrote for Shoegnome back in early 2014.

The Clean Template by Master Script

“Clean template is a standard ArchiCAD template, but without any attributes, libraries, views, layouts, project preferences and so on. It is perfect to start building your own template from scratch. Additionally you can also use it to open ArchiCAD fast for merging DWG or IFC.” Read more about it here.

ADD-ONs & Plug-ins

AECobjects (a division of ARCHIVISTA, inc) has Modelport, which is an add-on that will import OBJ, FBX, DAE, and 3DS files into ArchiCAD as Objects. “MODELPORT uses the Autodesk FBX SDK, which is the same code used by Autodesk to create a bridge between their popular 3D software: Maya, Softimage XSI, 3DStudio MAX, etc.”


Cadimage has a range of plugins to help extend the functionality of ArchiCAD. They’ve got tools to build custom Cabinets, Doors+Windows, detailed Cladding for exteriors and more. I know a lot of users that are rabid fans of many of their plugins and Objects. Encina is now also a part of Cadimage. So FrameWright Pro, gbXML Export, and most importantly OBJECTiVE are now part of the Cadimage family. If you’ve ever asked how to model something extremely difficult and complex on the ArchiCAD forum, you’ve probably gotten a reply from Ralph Wessel showing how easy it is to do with OBJECTiVE.


Cigraph sells ArchiSuite, which is about 17 different add-ons in one.

Éptár Ltd.

Éptár Ltd. are longtime developers of ArchiCAD Add-Ons and GDL objects. Their site has a mixture of paid and free objects and Add-Ons. They have a tiling add-on and a Reinforcement add-on that both look really interesting. They also have a free roll-up door object that is quite nice.


KUBUS (the Graphisoft and Solibri distributor for Benelux) developed BCF Managers for both Revit and ArchiCAD. What is BCF? Building Collaboration Format (BCF) allows issues found by model checking software to be easily displayed in ArchiCAD or Revit. BCF enables an efficient collaboration workflow for model quality assurance and quality control, and is supported by Solibri, BIMsight, Tekla Structures and DDS-CAD.

They have a variety of small (and inexpensive) add-ons that do all the little things you wish ArchiCAD could do (copying 3D elements in section, autoplacing gutters, having walls change height when the stories are revised, etc).

If the object, plug-in, or add-on you are looking for doesn’t exist, I know most of these providers would be happy to talk to you about developing a custom object for you.



Orthograph makes a survey program that allows you to input measurements onsite via an iPad and then export native ArchiCAD objects directly to ArchiCAD. I’ve mentioned Orthograph a few times on the blog.


From SyD’s website: SyD™ cloud computing technology expands BIM collaboration environment to share and discuss designs between architects, engineers and clients. Share part of a floor plan, discuss a 3D view in a model or swap ideas on a specific object.”


A spin-off company from Graphisoft, vintoCON makes ArchiFM which extends ArchiCAD’s functionality into the realm of BIM based Facilities Management.


From dRofus’s website: “dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool. dRofus provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle.”


This website of course has to come first in any list of ArchiCAD object resources. It is a game changer. It’ll be interesting to see if all the content from the other free sites ends up on BIMcomponents or if there will still be some rogue objects out there. With direct integration into ArchiCAD 16 (you can search from within ArchiCAD and load objects directly into the embedded library), this site has the potential to make most of the other 3rd party free object repositories obsolete. It is essentially Google Warehouse but by Graphisoft and for ArchiCAD. The big ‘killer app’ being that the website can easily incorporate user generated content. And objects can be uploaded from ArchiCAD, so it should be easy to integrate into your object making workflow.

Vistasp Mehta’s ArchiCAD Stuff

In addition to some free objects, Vistasp’s website also has a search function that will search about 16 ArchiCAD websites.


This was the largest collection of free ArchiCAD objects online (until BIMcomponents stormed onto the scene). There are some nice furniture pieces and a lot of 3D objects that are great for improved visualization. Be warned there’s a lot of garbage and objects ported from other programs. But if you need to populate a BIMx file, this site is your friend!

ArchiCAD Talk Object Depository

As the official Graphisoft object depository, this is a great place to look for free ArchiCAD objects. Also if you have objects that you want to share, please upload them here as well!


Another new(er) entrant, this site also has content for multiple platforms. My favorite part of this site is the ease of filtering objects down by file type. I don’t care about REVIT families. I just want GDL objects. Like most (all) object repository sites, I see a lot of objects from other sites. But there’s also enough unique objects to warrant checking it out.

Éptár Ltd.

Éptár Ltd. are longtime developers of ArchiCAD Add-Ons and GDL objects. Their site has a mixture of paid and free objects and Add-Ons. Their free roll-up door object is quite nice. They also have a bunch of objects for interiors and a new roof tile object (only for windows as of December 2012).


Ilauszky Endre, the Owner of manuBIMsoft Ltd., wrote a guest post about his company and website. The concept is great, I wish him the best of luck, and the objects he’s already developed are incredible. I look forward to seeing much more from manuBIM.


Modlar (formerly BIMstop and Barrington Architecture) has a large number of quality free objects for ArchiCAD (plus Revit, Vectorworks, and SketchUp). Some are duplicates from the ArchiCAD Talk Object Depository, but most are not. Scott Barrington, CEO of Modlar, wrote a guest blog post about their mission. Read it here.

National BIM Library

I’m adding this because the concept is good and maybe it’ll develop into a worthwhile site. You can read about this UK group’s loft goals here. But right now there’s not much value for ArchiCAD users and the site is annoying to navigate. I’d wager this is the first site I remove from my list. Let’s check back in a few months.

Ruby Sktech

This is an interesting looking site. It’s not exclusively ArchiCAD content, but it seems to have a good amount. And stuff I haven’t seen elsewhere. The most intriguing thing I’ve downloaded so far is the the Hunter Pacific fan object. It was actually developed by CADSwift, which suggests that the other ArchiCAD content on this site will be GOOD.


For more information on ArchiCAD resources check out


There’s also a comprehensive list of ArchiCAD object websites on the ArchiCAD Help Center (formerly ArchiCADwiki).