At Shoegnome we are interested in what it means to practice Architecture in the 21st century. The blog is filled with an ever expanding hoard of posts and articles dedicated to exploring all the associated issues, from BIM and technology to understanding what it even means to be an architect these days. Shoegnome is both a one man shop and a node for a web of experts and architects working together. We are whatever size you need. If you have a need related to Architecture, we want to talk to you.

An Architect

Jared Banks, AIA.  I’m a licensed architect in the State of Washington (State of Washington, License 11137) and Minnesota (Minnesota, License 47661) and was the BIM Manager at SALA Architects in Minneapolis for 4 1/2 years. At SALA Architects, my primary focus was residential design. I first used ArchiCAD in 2006 (version 9) and haven’t looked back. I started the Minnesota ArchiCAD User Group (MNAUG) in 2009 and began blogging about ArchiCAD in 2010. In July 2012, I also started writing for the BIM Engine Blog (the official blog of Graphisoft North America). In July 2013, I relocated to Newton, Massachusetts after spending eight years in Minnesota. In January 2014, I moved once again to Seattle, Washington. In addition to traditional architecture work, I am always looking for opportunities to speak, write, and teach about ArchiCAD, BIM, and the future of architecture. You can find a list of my off-site writing here.

A Secret Weapon

Shoegnome wants to help you and share opportunities. Don’t worry, there’s enough to go around. We’re interested in you—whether you’re our client or customer; whether we’re your client or customer. We are dedicated to BIM and helping other architects work in a smarter, more efficient manner. That involves building a proactive and supportive BIM community. There’s too much to do, so we need to subsume BIM into our processes and make it invisible. And soon. If you use ArchiCAD—our favorite BIM software—we have some specific services here that might help you. You can also download our ArchiCAD template here. And if you don’t use ArchiCAD, we don’t care. Let’s talk. If you don’t know what BIM is, this short video will help.

A Fairytale

Why are we called Shoegnome? It’s from my favorite Brothers Grimm story, the one about the cobbler and the elves. We identify with the elves. I noticed that wherever I was working, people would come to me to “save” their projects. My coworkers would go home and I’d stay fixing projects and making everything wonderful. Something felt very familiar. I misremembered the Brothers Grimm story as the cobbler and the gnomes. The concept of being a shoegnome was born. Want a longer explanation, including a shortened version of the fairytale? Read this blog post.

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Some Disclaimer Language

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