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A few weeks ago I mentioned some free webinars from Eric Bobrow. I attended on one of the sessions and it was definitely worth it. Well he’s offering that same webinar (updated and improved) again. Choose the day and time […]

Many of you have probably heard of Eric Bobrow. He’s the guy behind ArchiCAD Master Template. Eric was a major Graphisoft reseller for 21 years and is now focused on improving our ArchiCAD skills. Eric has put together a new […]

Are you a little nervous about moving to the latest version of ArchiCAD? Are the mysteries of a whole new attribute a bit daunting? You are not alone. Here are two great resources for you to better understand what Building […]

The most important ArchiCAD (Objects) video you’ll watch in 2013 Back in February 2013 I made a tutorial video on making ArchiCAD Objects. If you haven’t watched it, you should. It covers the basics of object making that I completely […]

Fun Fact: YouTube was officially launched in November 2005. I first learned ArchiCAD in January 2006. While writing my post on ArchiCAD heroes, I realized I was defining them very narrowly. I wanted to focus that post on those shining […]