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Guest Blogger – Scott Barrington shares the BIMstop Manifesto

At BIMstop we like to think big.

We’ve come from humble beginnings and credit our growth and development to our engaged user base, such as the dedicated followers of this blog. Our service enables Architects and Specifiers to connect with the Manufacturer specific 3D BIM model of their choice, meaning less time searching and more time designing. Our vision is to be the helping hand when dealing with anything BIM related and to support BIM as a whole, hence we support all platforms-however we do particularly love our ArchiCAD users!

Being involved with BIM is exciting and empowering and knowing we are operating in an industry that is constantly evolving and innovating has made us flexible as well as given us a pro-change attitude; we have become very tuned into our users as a result. We’re always changing, growing and adapting; it’s a constant work in progress. It wouldn’t make sense if we weren’t embracing change as we operate in an industry that demands it through constantly evolving technologies; an industry whereby if you’re not current, then you’re obsolete.

We see BIM as the future of the construction industry.

What this means for the industry is not yet fully understandable due to that constant evolution of the technology which is exciting, of course there are limitations to everything but at the moment it seems everyone is enjoying speculating around the never ending possibilities BIM could bring to the ACE Industry-we’re guilty of this, who isn’t? The most rewarding thing about working with BIM is that we have the opportunity to speculate, and that as new opportunities arise we can tune them to our user and ship them out the next day, meaning they have instant access to high quality and timely updates.

As we bring more Building Product Manufacturers on board and our user base expands even further we’re starting to uncover more and more opportunities within the BIMscape where we think we’ll be able to help users even further, as well as making BIM easier through clever adaptation of BIM support services. We see BIM user collaboration and communication as an important area needing attention; we want to connect more BIM users with one another, allowing them to use their BIM models to efficiently collaborate with other project stakeholders.

We love what we do and are driven by our users.

We recently beta tested a couple of exciting concepts (one of which relates to the BIM user connectivity issue we have uncovered). We have been working on developing ways for BIM users to easily create groups around their projects and share large amounts of model information, something that is not currently being utilized. We credit these changes to our knowledge of BIM and our user, we have a deep understanding of both (many of our team members come from architectural backgrounds themselves), so we can truly see the gaps and give useable, informed solutions.

Over the coming years we have some big plans in the works so be sure to stay tuned and, if you haven’t heard about us until now, you can be sure this won’t be the last time! You can download and share with us via our website bimstop.com as well connect with us via twitter  or subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with BIM news  as well as company progress.

Scott Barrington
CEO – BIMstop.com



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