Exporting Objects from a Loaded Library in ARCHICAD

A reader this morning asked how to fix a migration issue with a project she migrated from ARCHICAD 19 to 20. The majority of the Objects migrated properly from ARCHICAD 19 to 20 but one Zone Stamp didn’t. One quick fix solution is to add the missing Zone Stamp to the project. The easiest way to do that is to grab the missing Zone Stamp from another project and add it to the migrated file. Once that’s done, and the library is reloaded, all the missing Zone Stamps should reappear and look like they did pre-migration. True the proper solution would be to fix all the missing Zone Stamps in the project by switching them to an ARCHICAD 20 Zone Stamp that was already loaded; but it sounded like there were a lot missing and not enough time to do things correctly. That’s okay. Sometimes we have to be smart and fast, not just slow and by the book.

Here’s how to export a Library part from one file and add it to another.

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