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Adding Contours to a Mesh in ARCHICAD

I shared/wrote as many blog posts in March, 2013 as I have in all of 2016 thus far. That weighs on me. A lot. My goal is to spend the rest of 2016 writing, both here and over on the Graphisoft North America blog. We’ll see how that goes. Fortunately, I’ve been busy with design projects and family. Both good things. Though I still don’t know if I am happier when writing or architecting. Maybe I’ll figure that out in 2017. Probably not.

Currently, I’m writing an article about the day I forgot how to use the Mesh Tool in ARCHICAD. Hopefully that’ll go live over on the GSNA blog next week. Rather than go into the details of how to add contours to an existing Mesh in that article, I decided to record a quick video, and share it here first.

By the way, yes I know the audio is full of static. I have been waiting and waiting for the new line of MacBook Pros to be released. Hopefully there won’t be many more videos recorded on my late 2011 MBP (because I’ll have a new machine soon, not because I’ll be too busy to record videos!).

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  • November 10, 2016


    Jared – I am wondering if you know of a way to add the contours to a mesh in the way you describe, but have the ridges not show up in elevations and/or linework perspective views? I currently just mask them, but if there is a way for them to not show up at all, that would be far more efficient!

      • November 11, 2016


        Jared, I like the idea of converting it to a morph (once you know it’s relatively finalized, at least). Thanks for the insight!

  • November 23, 2016

    Luke (Not Skywalker)

    Hi Jared
    So, I have a mesh of a massive site, with quite complex contours received from a land surveyor. I’m adding the contours to the mesh in the same way as your video, and checking my the mesh on 3D after every move. When I add some contours though, the mesh disappears in 3D. It’s still selectable, though only the nodes are visible. I then have to ctrl+Z until the mesh is fine again. The backtracking makes working all but impossible…!

    Also, when I add some contours, it adds polygon lines, as if it changes the height at some nodes? These are impossible to fix, and in most cases also create the gone-in-3D issue above. Any advice? Because this is halting any and all progress at this stage… Also note that I have no solid element operations going on somewhere – it’s a brand new empty file.

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