Shoegnome Open Template for ARCHICAD 20

Shoegnome Open Template V20

This is the fourth iteration of my Shoegnome Open Template. Before you click the giant link (above, or at the bottom of this post) to download the template, take a moment to read about what’s new and watch the introduction video. In the video I describe the key features/updates to my Shoegnome Open Template for ARCHICAD 20. If you’re familiar with (and like/use) my Shoegnome Open Template V19 for ARCHICAD 19, you’ll be very happy with my ARCHICAD 20 template.

Improved Sample Building

Once I had the template mostly complete, I modeled a small 20 x 20 building. Use that building to explore some of my modeling techniques and to understand how the template affects placed elements. Once you’re ready to start a new building, select the Delete All View and delete everything by going to each story, using CMD+A and then hitting the delete button. If you then want to use some of the elements from the sample building, it’ll probably be easiest to copy and paste what you need back in from another file started with the Shoegnome Open Template v20.

ARCHICAD Properties

I did very little with ARCHICAD Properties because I think it’ll take some time to understand where best to use them. I created a total of one ARCHICAD Property for this version of my template: an AC Property for noting ganged units of windows and doors. If that interests you, check out the Label on the plan and the exterior window/door schedule which groups items by ganged unit or unganged.

Graphic Overrides

I have completely embraced Graphic Overrides. I love how G.O.’s allow Model View Options to be streamlined—you’ll notice that my MVOs now reference model display rather than drawing type. Also Graphic Overrides allow me to simplify my Pen Sets. The Layout Book and Views use two Pen Sets and accomplish more than I did in the past with numerous more. I will definitely write a blog post on Pen Sets in ARCHICAD 20. Here’s an image of my primary Pen Set.

If you’re familiar with my Pen Sets, you’ll see a new rainbow and a few deleted pens. The new rainbow is specifically for Graphic Override purposes (more on that later).

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had different annotation pens for architectural dimensions/notes and structural/electrical dimensions/notes. It was always a pain, but necessary. Graphic Overrides allowed me to get rid of those duplicate pens. But that’s just the beginning of what Graphic Overrides can do. The video shows more.

Visual Favorites

I don’t discuss visual Favorites in the video below, but they are amazing. I’ve added a number of new Favorites to the template and I’m sure I’ll add more in time. Like Graphic Overrides and Pen Sets, expect articles on Favorites in ARCHICAD 20 in the coming months.

UI Inspiration

In addition to a new Template, I also redid my Work Environment. You can learn about and download it here. Both my template redesign and my Work Environment revisions were inspired by the cleanness of the new UI. Much like GRAPHISOFT cleaned up ARCHICAD to make it easier to use and more pleasant to look at, I tried to do the same with my template and Work Environment. I cut garbage where I could, did my best to make everything more unified, and continued my efforts to break old habits.

What are you waiting for?

Go download the Shoegnome Open Template for ArchiCAD 20! Did I mention it’s free, if you want it to be? Because it is. Unless you’d rather send some support money my way. Because you can do that too by clicking on the Pay Pal link when you go to the official Shoegnome Open Template download page.

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