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ARCHICAD 19 Update 4013 plus an update for ARCHICAD STAR(T) 2015

GRAPHISOFT released two updates this week.

The STAR(T) Edition update is the compatibility update for OS X 10.11 El Capitan. For more of my thoughts on compatibility updates and jumping to the latest OS X, read this. But you’re probably not reading this post because of ARCHICAD STAR(T) 2015 news. What really matters is the ARCHICAD 19 update. Here’s the details that Andor Szőke from Technical Support at GRAPHISOFT SE shared over on the forum:

This Update provides an important fix to an error of ARCHICAD 19 Update build 4011: “199288: Snapping fails and causes wrong feedback and placement of elements in certain circumstances”. It is not a cumulative Update, this means Update build 4011 must be applied first before applying this one.

Please also note that with this Update there will still be build number differences between components:

• The package build number (registered in the ProductVersion.xml) is 4013
• ARCHICAD.exe build number is 4013
• BIM Server build number is 4006
• BIM Server Manager is 4011

The “About ARCHICAD” splash screen will correctly display build 4013. Due to an error, License Information dialog will show build 4006.

That’s kind of a big deal, right? Snap fails? Inaccuracy in BIM!? Not cool. This has been a hot topic in the ultra secret world-wide ARCHICAD guru meetings that I regularly attend; so while I haven’t seen the issue myself, I knew it was a huge disaster in waiting. Even though it’s frustrating that this was even an issue, it’s fantastic that GRAPHISOFT jumped on the problem and released a one fix update for it. Can anyone remember another time that they did this? I can’t.

Go get the update (link at the start of this post) and fix your ARCHICAD 19 right away. And instead of focusing on why this even happened, let’s revel in the quick resolution: GRAPHISOFT tech support, thank you.

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