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ARCHICAD 18 and ARCHICAD 19 Updates (compatibility updates for MAC OS X 10.11)

GRAPHISOFT released two updates today. These are the updates you have been looking for.

Make sure to update both ARCHICAD 18 and 19. If you are like me, you no longer work in ARCHICAD 18, but that doesn’t mean much. Things change and surprises happen. Keep it up to date too. These two updates of course have all sorts of other fixes, so even if you aren’t upgrading your OS today, there’s still plenty of value in these updates. If you have a moment read through the list of fixes, it’s always educational.

If you have a deadline looming or something else critical going on, don’t update ARCHICAD if things are working fine. Hold off until you have time for weirdness to happen. Most people will update ARCHICAD and not run into problems. I can’t think of one time when an update caused me trouble. But sometimes it happens, for some of us. If you can’t risk even a small chance of trouble, wait until after you’ve issued those drawings, sent that model, or done whatever critical thing can’t be interrupted for the hour you might loose if the Update causes you trouble. Again I’m not saying there will be trouble, but the decision to apply the update today, tomorrow, or next week is yours to make. Finally, make sure everyone on your team updates together and that you update all your GRAPHISOFT software together (ie, ARCHICAD and BIM Server, etc.).

You are excited about these updates because it means you get to move to OSX 10.11 El Capitan. Remember that comes with its own host of warnings, caveats, etc. Yes your digital world should revolve around making sure ARCHICAD works properly, but upgrading your OS might mess up other programs you regularly use. I don’t know if it will. But just remember. Be careful. Personally, I’m going to try to stay on task and put off upgrading to El Capitan for a few more days. It’ll be my reward for staying focused on more important things this week.

For more thoughts on the upgrade cycle and OS changes, read this post.

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  • November 25, 2015
  • December 15, 2015

    Jason Smith

    Hi Jared
    Have you had any issues when you upgraded to El Capitan?

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