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The Digital Transformation of CRAN

CRAN Logo and NameThe latest edition of the AIA CRAN Chronicle has just been released. Once again I’ve written an article. In it I talk about how I became involved with the AIA Custom Residential Architects Network and what my goals are now that I am a member of CRAN’s Advisory Group. If you happen to be a residential architect or designer, perhaps you’d like to join me make CRAN even better—and help transform it into a digital powerhouse. Oh and if you don’t much care for residential work, read the article anyways because it talks about the social media and digital presence goals of a small organization. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in there for your own needs. Also, if you do like residential design and have an interest in hearing me talk about the Art of BIM at the CRAN Symposium in Minneapolis, there’s still time to register.

August 2015 CRAN Chronicle

I’ve written a number of articles for the AIA CRAN Chronicle since 2013. If you’re curious about everything I’ve written for this online journal through August 2015, here are some handy links:

AIA-CRAN (large cropped)

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