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Shoegnome Open Template 18.4 and ArchiCAD 18 Libraries

New and Old in SectionI’ve updated my ArchiCAD template once again. You can get the latest version here. Remember, it’s free, if you want it to be. Though support definitely improves my day. In this iteration of my template, I made a ton of little tweaks. Most of them are baby steps towards grander goals which in the near term increase speed and beauty. Here’s a run down of the changes I remember:

  1. I added a worksheet for electrical symbols and electrical notes. I still do all my electrical symbols as 2D fills. At some point I’ll either convert to Objects with a 3D component and/or explain why I work the way I do. But for now, if you go with my solution, you’ll have pretty 2D graphics that all automatically show up in the electrical fixture schedule.
  2. I added a worksheet for various project notes (general notes, demolition notes, etc.). This sheet came out of a current project I’m doing with my business partner down in Houston. There are definitely better BIM ways of doing these notes, but it’s a first step—my partner isn’t as militant as I am about scrapping old ways. That’s okay. It’s a good example of the Shoegnome Open Template’s flexibility and hybrid solutions that can be pushed towards BIM. I’m 100% sure in future versions of this template, this worksheet will become much more BIM.
  3. I turned on shadows in the elevations. I went with a standard 45º/45º shadow. This of course can be changed. If there was some critical sun angle that mattered in the project, I’d show that instead. But for clarity, simplicity, and encouraging the removal of line weights from elevations, it’s a great next step.
  4. I fixed the Interior Elevation markers to only show the sheet number on the inside of the marker. In SOT 18.3, it also showed a drawing number.
  5. I updated the Centerline Object again based on conversation with James Murray. Now it’s even better. Here’s a blog post that explains the change.
  6. I added a custom door panel for garage doors, so that I could get a blank door panel. I find it really annoying that D1 Garage 3 18 doesn’t have the option for a simple blank panel. To change the Surface of the panel you need to edit the embedded Object (which is easy) or update the Surface (which matches the Surface of all the other exterior windows and doors in my template).
  7. I added the Revision History 18 Object to the title block for showing Issues. I’ve only used Issues once, so it is definitely a work in process, but it’s there to force me to start exploring this new feature.
  8. My Layers no longer contain “●●●●●”. Instead they now use “—————”. The reason for this is that the dots turned into “?????” when using the Attribute Manager to transfer the Layers between files. Not a major issue, but it means the dots are a flawed solution, so they are gone. If you missed reading about my Layer changes, see this post: Shoegnome Open Template and Layers.
  9. I updated all the schedules to have the correct Layers as Criteria. Many were still looking for my old Layers.
  10. I added dummy Pen Sets to better group and clarify my Pen Sets. I’ve been enjoying that solution so much for my Layers that I’m exploring adding it to more and more of my Attributes.
  11. I added a new Pen Set:”2 Fills (Gray, Dark) Hatch (On) Lines (Black, Uniform)”. This Pen Set is for highlighting new construction on a remodel project when you are printing in classic old grayscale (see images in this post).
  12. To go along with the new Pen Set, I updated the Renovation Override Style for existing elements.
  13. I updated certain Building Materials to go white when they are overridden as existing elements. To do this I switched their Fills from 25% to Foreground fill, so that their color is controlled by the Background Pen rather than the Foreground Pen.
  14. I added a very basic color rendering Scene so that I could start exploring color with my simple rendering solution (see Shoegnome Open Template and Renderings). I will do a video soon, but if you’re impatient here are the settings I currently use in GIMP: 50% multiply (Sketch), 50% screen (White Model), 100% normal (Color Model).

ArchiCAD 18 Libraries

I had someone e-mail me asking for a .PLA of the template, that way he could explore the template without having the ArchiCAD 18 USA Library. What a great idea! But then I thought, let’s go one step better. If you go to the FAQ, there are now links to download a ZIP file of the entire ArchiCAD 18 USA Library (and the ArchiCAD 18 INT Library as well, because while it’s not useful for my template, there are probably lots of people who want that too). A word of caution: do not load two ArchiCAD Libraries at the same time. You will get tons of errors and ArchiCAD will get cranky. Here’s a link to the FAQ.

Of course if you just want to go straight to the ArchiCAD 18 USA and INT Library download, click on this link.

If you need other ArchiCAD Libraries: Old ArchiCAD Libraries Available for EVERYONE!

New vs Old in Shoegnome Open Template 18-4

Further Thoughts:

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