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ArchiCAD Rendering Tutorial and the Shoegnome Open Template 18.2

I’ve updated my template. You can get the latest version here. Remember, it’s free, if you want it to be. There are a number of little changes from the previous versions, including fixes to the Renovation Filters, Model View Options, Favorites, Pen Sets, Labels assigned to various Tool types, and Zone color changes. But perhaps the most important update is that I have included the two rendering scenes I use to create images like this:

White model under sketch lines exampleIn addition to releasing the latest version of the Shoegnome Open Template, I’ve also recorded a video that talks about the process of creating the image above (and various aspects of my template that pertain to the efficient creation of renderings).

The process is very similar to one I shared back in January, 2013. If the concept of merging renderings interests you, you might also want to watch the original video and read the accompanying blog post. Here’s a link. It’s VERY similar, so the two videos together will do a good job of reinforcing the main concepts.

Further Thoughts:

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