Goodbye Intern. Hello Architect in Training

When it comes to what to call people who design buildings, I’m a hardliner. To me it’s pretty black and white. Okay well there are some fuzzy edges, but not for most of us. And most likely you don’t fall into those tricky gray areas.

I wrote an article for NCARB (yeah that NCARB) about the title Intern. For me, there’s no question what we should call interns. I think after reading my article you’ll agree as well. Here’s the link to the post on their blog:

Architect, Architect in Training, or a title without the word architect in it…

If you want more about my thoughts on going from school to intern (Architect in Training) to Architect, here’s a whole bunch of articles for you to read. If you crave more on the mythical unlicensed architect, here’s enough posts to strangle a unicorn. Also it should be VERY clear that the opinions expressed in my article are solely those of me and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). HOWEVER, I wouldn’t mind changing everyone’s view on this and turning the term AIT into a real thing.

By the way, THANK YOU NCARB for allowing me to write a guest post for you.

Why aren’t you reading my article on NCARB’s blog yet?

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