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Architect Magazine, November 2013: BIM for Emerging Firms

Want to read my article in the latest issue of Architect Magazine on BIM for emerging firms? Want to get CEU credit for reading it? You can do both, and you don’t even have to wait for your issue to arrive in the mail.

Here’s the link. Go to p.124

 “What common thread connects a thriving one-person operation, a growing office of 20 and a prosperous mega firm? What allows each of these vastly different operations to pursue the work they want and continue year after year? One answer is building information modeling, also known as BIM. This software can provide streamline design processes while improving coordination and integration with team members. Using BIM can help keep a firm relevant and competitive. This course will take a closer look at working with BIM and how it can open many paths to profitability and the expansion of services.”

You will see a familiar diagram. The article digs deeper…

Primary Benefits of BIM small

(you can also jump to the article and quiz via this link)

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