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Architects, Social Media, and Time Management

I had an article due for the AIA CRAN Chronicle the week before I had to give a lecture at the Graphisoft North America BIM Conference in San Diego. The lecture was on Social Media and architects, and the article needed to be about time management. Call it synergy or call it time management…I merged the two deadlines and explored the intersection of architects, social media, and time management. If you missed the lecture, don’t worry: I think we’re going to do it as a ArchiPlus webinar for North American ArchiCAD users on subscription. It was a ton of fun to give, so hopefully there’ll also be future opportunities to give the lecture again in person. In the meantime, check out the article I wrote for the AIA CRAN Chronicle: Architects, Social Media, and Time Management. It covers one critical concept more in depth than I was able to discuss in the sixty minute lecture (which covered so many other aspects of social media for architects).

Enjoy my latest post for the AIA CRAN Chronicle, then read the other three:

There’s something a bit meta about writing about social media for architects on a blog about being an architect. But after 3+ years of blogging, one learns a thing or two. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I discuss this issue. There’s just so much more to share. And I get kind of passionate about architects making technology work for them…

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