Guest Blogger Willard Williams: Review of the Better Detail Marker by Master Script

The Better Detail Marker for ArchiCAD by Master Script is an awesome little tool to add to your box.  The Object basically allows you to adjust how the tail will look while removing the arrow at the markers’ head.  The stock ArchiCAD detail markers have limited adjustments of various types of marker heads but few tail options for the Object.  Our preference within our drawing standards is to have a clean circle for the head and a thickened leg.  This object fulfills the gap missing graphically from the stock detail marker tool.

After checking out this object I found that there are a number of well created objects on Master Script’s site that solve some unique problems using parametric technology.  Many times parametric scripting is omitted from the generation of objects yet this omission only hurts the end users, and lessens the potential benefits that BIM / VDC has within your practice or within the profession at large.

Master Script is also a couture parametric object design firm, meaning Jeroen de Bruin (aka Master Script) creates custom objects to meet your needs.  This is truly important to a forward moving BIM centric organization.  If you want something that you don’t see you have to find someone that can write the code which will solve not only the aesthetic aspects of your requirements but help drive performance within the production of drawings and reliable, accessible data. Master Script’s customer service and responsiveness to the creation of objects to suit your needs is second to none.

The Better Detail marker is a wonderful object. It is also free for the time being, which allows you to see how it performs within your environment and gives you an idea of level of detail that is put into the rest of Master Script’s objects. I would like to add one more tail to the list (see image to the left) but other than that, the object is performing wonderfully. Thank you Jeroen de Bruin for producing this object.  In my next post I’ll review the Total Keynote Object, also from Master Script.

Willard Williams has written for Shoegnome before: check out his first post BIM is a Distraction. And at Shoegnome we are all huge fans of everything Jeroen de Bruin does. Here’s some more posts that talk about his awesome work.


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