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AEC (UK) BIM Protocols – ArchiCAD

Thanks to Rob Jackson of Bond Bryan Architects for sharing this with me.

“The UK has developed a protocol document designed for use with BIM projects, known as the AEC (UK) BIM Protocols. The set of documents builds on the guidelines and frameworks defined by the UK standards documents, including BS1192:2007 and PAS1192-2:2013 alongside proven best practice procedures, providing a clear, concise path to implementation for BIM authoring software.

The documents are made up of a central document which forms the “hub” of a complete software-based solution. The “hub” document contains the protocols that are common to all software solutions and this is then supplemented by additional documents for each specific software solution.

In the case of GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, Version 1 was published in March 2013 and contains the specific protocols for use on projects using GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, along with additional documentation that supports working with ArchiCAD as a BIM tool. Additional documentation includes model validation checklists for both import and export along with a checklist for template creation. Documents can be found here.

The first version was assembled by a committee made up of UK ArchiCAD users, including both architects and contractors, along with representatives from Graphisoft UK. The committee is chaired by Rob Jackson of Bond Bryan Architects. Any comments or feedback on the documentation can be made on the AEC (UK) CAD and BIM Standards site.”AEC UK BIM Stadnard Compliant

Other updates in Cobbler’s Workbench Revision #4

BIM Protocols – ArchiCAD: Is anyone aware of any other BIM Protocols out there for ArchiCAD? If so, please let me know so that I can add them to the list. Also it should be noted that even if you’re not in the UK, the above BIM Protocols are worth a read. Some really good and valuable stuff in there.

dRofus 1.6 beta: The latest addition to my list of programs that integrate directly with ArchiCAD. Here’s the blurb from their website:

“For several years we have offered a flexible bi-directional plug-in for Revit users. Now we are happy to announce that our first edition of ArchiCAD Add On is out in BETA for testing. This first release focuses on linking and synchronizing rooms, areas and room parameters, making the daily workflow for ArchiCAD users more flexible and effective when working with dRofus.” Download the Beta here.


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