Picking a Subtype for an ArchiCAD Object (and some other important tips)

One of the greatest improvements in ArchiCAD 16 is how much easier it is to make objects. Not that it was particularly hard before, but along with the Morph Tool there have been some tweaks that mean there’s no excuse to not make lots of objects (and share them). But just selecting some elements and saving them as an object is usually not enough. You want to add some intelligence to the objects, you want some parameters for scheduling, and you want to make the object easy to revise (for instance, change the materials or pens without trial and error). And not just that. You want your objects’ options to be obvious to your coworkers and everyone else you share them with.

Well this video is a great first step to setting up parameters, defining materials, and preparing for future alterations and additions once you finally make good on your New Years Resolution to learn GDL (or was I the only one to make that resolution). Fortunately no GDL experience is required to replicate what I do in this video.  Though it’ll be a good early step in the demystification of GDL’s wondrous power.

If you want to dig a little deeper into Object Subtypes in ArchiCAD, you might start here.

If two ArchiCAD Gurus tell you this is IMPORTANT, will that be more convincing?

Eric Bobrow did a much longer video that covers selecting a subtype and a lot of other techniques as part of a video about importing objects from other programs. It’s definitely worth watching. I’ve been really enjoying his focus on object creation recently. If you want even more about Object creation, check out this other video Eric Bobrow did that covers custom 3D hotspots and tweaking the 2D symbol.

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