Tekla Global BIM Awards

Eye Candy with a Ton of Substance

I got the press release below from Tekla this morning:

What is happening in the construction industry right now? Check the 42 projects from 18 countries that compete in this year’s Tekla Global BIM Awards for a nice view. The contestants come from all areas of construction industry, from industrial projects and bridges to office buildings and sports venues. The one thing they share in being successful.

Tekla Global BIM Awards exist for appreciating and sharing the success stories of Tekla customers. The variety of their projects presents versatility and skill in the construction trade. The contestants, introduced at the competition website, show an interesting outlook on today’s trends and standards in construction.

Would you choose a tunnel, a national museum, a harbor, a mall, a movable pedestrian bridge or a residential building?  Have your say on who you think should take home the trophy. In addition to the public vote, the winners will be decided by a specialist jury that consists of the leading BIM experts inside and outside Tekla.  It is now time to vote for your favorite and maybe win a Microsoft Surface tablet, which will be drawn among the voters.

Vote now!


Don’t delay in checking out these projects and voting. The Competition ends November 30, 2012. And even if you’re not inclined to vote, these 42 projects are a great survey of what others are doing with BIM and Tekla.

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