Compatibility note: ArchiCAD on Windows 8

Well Windows 8 is out. That means it’s time to start learning about compatibility issues with it and older software (ei any software that was released before today). Keep an eye on this ArchicadWiki page for continued updates about ArchiCAD and Windows 8.

Nothing too surprising

Supported versions:

GRAPHISOFT is maintaining compatibility for ArchiCAD 15 and ArchiCAD 16 and connected products (BIMx, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager) on Windows 8. Based on GRAPHISOFT’s tests ArchiCAD 15 and 16 works well on Windows 8.

Not supported versions:

ArchiCAD 14 and older version may be run on Windows 8, though these were designed to work with older versions of the operating system. As a result of this there is no official support for operating system specific problems.


Windows RT: Windows RT is a Windows 8 version that will be only available as preinstalled OS for ARM based devices, such as tablet PCs (e.g. Microsoft Surface). ArchiCAD does not support ARM based devices.

That last bit basically means Graphisoft isn’t approving ArchiCAD for use on the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 mobile / tablet devices. ALTHOUGH… I do know someone who has loaded and run ArchiCAD 15 on an older tablet running a beta of Windows 8. So you know, if you’ve got all the pieces… it’s theoretically possible to try it out. Just know if bad shit happens, it’s your fault.

Back to the Point

If you’re running Windows 8 or thinking of upgrading, read through this and learn about other issues you’ll have to deal with (some minor things, nothing a deal breaker). Oh and of course, if you’re upgrading to a new OS, this is a good time to make sure you migrate all your old projects. Don’t lose access to your data because it’s too old or you were too lazy. Download the File Converters and get all your files to the latest version of ArchiCAD (these are only needed if you have files OLDER than version 8.1).


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