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The Cobbler’s Workbench

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So I had an idea a few weeks ago. I’d create a second website. It’d have a comprehensive list of websites that had ArchiCAD content on them –objects, add-ons, templates, tutorials, etc. It’d be great. Maybe eventually I could become a reseller for some of the products, create a one-stop shop for paid and free content, and turn the second website into an ArchiCAD mall. I had a great name for the site: The Cobbler’s Workbench. In my weird world of bizarre names it fits perfectly. Shoegnome is about improving process. The Cobbler’s Workbench would be about getting access to better tools. I love the expansion of my mis-remembered Brother’s Grimm Mythos.

But then I started doing research and compiling lists. There is a LOT of ArchiCAD content out there. Some is new and current, some is stagnant or a few years old. Much of it is in English, but a lot isn’t. All together it is WAY too much for me to organize and manage. And I’m not the first person to try something like this.

So instead I’m going to do something smaller. I’ve created a curated list of 20 or so websites that have objects, tutorials, templates, add-ons, etc. that I think have high value to the community. Most of it is stuff you have to pay for, but within each site is some free content. And there are at least two sites which are completely free.

Some Disclaimer Language

I’m not including blogs or ArchiCAD websites without downloadable content as a main feature. Graphisoft has a list of ArchiCAD blogs here. If I included your site, but you’d rather I describe what you offer in a different manner, or if you think there’s a site I should include, e-mail me. This list is a work in progress and my intent is not to fuss about perfection. It’s a labor of love, like the rest of this site. Perhaps a future version of the page will have pictures, reviews, lots of fancy stuff.

I don’t have any official connection to any of these sites, except as follows: like many ArchiCAD resellers, agents, and content providers, I’m an affiliate of Bobrow Consulting. This means if you click on one of my Bobrow links and then buy one of his products I get credit. It’s a nice little perk for me and doesn’t effect your cost. As of 02/19/12 I’m also an affiliate for Vaneshrie Sullivan’s book as well.

You’ll notice that I now have an Amazon Affiliate widget on the site. I’m trying this out for two reasons. First, I’d like to share books that influence and compliment what I’m writing about. Perhaps it’s a book on leadership that’s informing some blog posts about how to manage elements in an ArchiCAD file or maybe it’s a book on videogame critic that got me thinking about why some people succeed at ArchiCAD and others don’t. Additionally there are a handful (not enough in my opinion) of ArchiCAD books and resources that you can buy on Amazon. And much like the resource page, I want to help share them. So that’s the altruistic reason. Point Two is this: towards the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to monetize the blog in non-annoying ways. Having Amazon Affiliate links is one experiment. If you click on one of the Amazon links and then buy that book, or anything else on that visit to Amazon, I get a referral commission. That’s great for me and, like my links to Eric Bobrow’s products and Vaneshrie Sullivan’s book, has no material effect on you. Hopefully it’ll generate some income and free up some more time for me to add even more content to the blog.


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