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Aligning 3D Textures on Slabs

Aligning 3D textures in ArchiCAD should be easier.  It needs to be done in 3D and this can be tricky if you don’t have a node in the right place to snap to. Sometimes I’ll make a temporary object or one that will stay invisible to have a point to click to if the texture starts in a weird spot, or if I want a lot of textures to all align to a fixed point. Why can’t we align a texture on a wall from an elevation view? This is annoying.

Slabs offer one exception. Here it is:

Select your slab, add Fill Type to plan, check Use Fill of Surface Material, then select Fill Orientation: Editable Fill Handle. The 3D texture will move in conjunction with the 2D fill shown in plan and however you orient the fill on the plan will be matched in 3D. Unfortunately Distorted Fills in plan don’t change the texture in 3D.

For another great look at aligning 3D textures, check out this tip from GSCNE, Inc.. GSCNE, Inc. has been the Canadian distributor of ArchiCAD since 1987 (or to put it another way, since I was six years old). Their FAQ list for ArchiCAD is insanely good. You will read it and become smarter.


  • December 2, 2011


    Completely agree!
    Still, I suppose there isn’t too much hassle in inserting a temporary window for getting a exact location in a wall.

  • February 24, 2012


    how can i reduce the polycount. i did 3d model in archicad12. i need lightworks rendering the model. but i couldn’t get it. the archicad should crashed. the polycount is 3,50,000. please tell me solution for that.

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